Tacos, Cocktails & Rock Music

Chef friends Joonas Mantila and Lauri Närhi worked together in the kitchen of a respected restaurant in Levi. When they had their day off, they missed something nice, hearty, and easily approachable place to go to. Easy but high quality and good food, good cocktails made right and rock to elevate the atmosphere. Levi did not have a suitable place. When boys came across an empty venue, they decided, “Let’s do it ourselves.” Friends founded Lost Tacos for Levi for the summer of 2021.

Joonas and Lauri have a total of more than 40 years of experience in the kitchens of top restaurants. Together they have been working for over 10 years. They put all their experience in fine dining kitchens into Lost Tacos food. Men’s love for Lapland and nature can be seen and tasted on a plate, but reindeer and salmon familiar from Lapland are not to be found in the dishes.

Joona’s and Lauri’s common world of taste was found during the travels in Mexico. Both were pleased with the versatility and delicacy of the tacos and the opportunities they offer to add their own know-how and passion for high-quality Finnish raw materials.

Lost Tacos tacos are genuine Premium Street Food, which are made to the customer from the very beginning with high-quality ingredients made by ourselves. The menu not only includes tacos, but also a wide variety of dishes to take you on a taste trip to Central America. The raw materials are always, if possible, Finnish.

Whole or semi-finished products are not used, but everything is done by ourselves.

Joonas and Lauri



Leviraitti 1,
99130 Sirkka

Open again in July

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